13th Annual IMSN Meeting – Cascais 2018

The 13th annual meeting of International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) will be hosted and held in Cascais, Portugal this year (October 29-30). Although IMSN’s main goal is to address the preventable adverse drug events (e.g. medication incidents/errors) with patient safety organizations and regulators involved in attributes of drug products such as nomenclature, labelling and packaging, we also see the need and value to include representatives from pharmacovigilance centres to share their update on pharmacovigilance activities. As we all know that medication errors and adverse drug reactions are the two sides of the coin: Drug Safety. Indeed PV centres handle both medication error and adverse drug reaction reporting.

Day 2 (morning) of the IMSN meeting will focus on sharing pharmacovigilance activities by participating PV centres. For more information about this focus, please contact David U.

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Will you be attending the October 28 APFH conference

The meeting will be held at the Hotel Pestana Cidadela at Cascais. AIM Group – Lisbon Office is the local executive secretariat and have preferential rates at the Hotel Pestana Cidadela Cascais: from 120€ single or 135€ double per night.
To book accommodation for this meeting, please contact through the following emails addresses:
Joana Marques: j.marques@aimgroup.eu
Telma Grova: t.grova@aimgroup.eu