Global Meeting on Drug Product Labelling and Packaging Safety – Cascais, Portugal

The International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) is pleased to announce a meeting on October 29 and 30, 2018, in Cascais, Portugal. This will be a gathering of drug regulators, pharmaceutical companies and IMSN members to discuss the proceedings from the June 2018 international summit at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The summit focused entirely on drug labeling and packaging and was jointly hosted by IMSN and the US FDA. In attendance were several global regulators, the World Health Organization (WHO), the US FDA and IMSN members. At the meeting in Portugal, we will focus exclusively on ways to inspire and mobilize drug manufacturers and regulators from around the world to identify ways to reduce medication errors related to drug product labeling and packaging.

To achieve a reduction of overall harm related to medication errors, industry and regulatory response at the global level is essential. Many of the product container labeling, and packaging issues identified at the June 2018 summit are common across the countries. Also, in many countries and regions throughout the world, domestic drug manufacturing does not exist, so drugs are commonly imported, often with features that can result in safety issues.

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The meeting will be held at the Hotel Pestana Cidadela at Cascais. AIM Group – Lisbon Office is the local executive secretariat and have preferential rates at the Hotel Pestana Cidadela Cascais: from 120€ single or 135€ double per night.
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