Other publications on medication safety issues

Dosing confusion between eribulin base and eribulin mesylate
The expression of strength in the EU product information could be misunderstood by healthcare professionals to be referring to ‘eribulin mesilate’ rather than to eribulin, which could potentially lead to the wrong dose being given to patients. (January 2012) Read more...

Fentanyl Transdermal Systems: An International Aggregate Analysis
Medication incidents related to the use of fentanyl transdermal systems: An international aggregate analysis. (October 2009) Download PDF

Patient safety in Europe: time for action!
The European Commission continues to procrastinate, this time by launching a public consultation in March 2008. What this means is that patients continue to be exposed to preventable adverse events. IMSN response to the European Commission Open Consultation on Patient Safety. (May 2008) Download PDF