16th Annual IMSN Meeting – November 8-9, 2021

The IMSN annual meeting was held virtual thanks to the logistics of ISMP and ECRI, our virtual hosts.


Sessions chaired by Michael Cohen, IMSN Chair, ISMP President on November 8 and by Michael Tatley, IMSN Vice-Chair, New-Zealand on November 9

Updates from IMSN members on their activities

  • Canada
    Sally Pepper, Patient Safety Specialist, Patient Safety Section, Marketed Health Products Directorate, Health Canada
    Joanne Sidorchuk, Senior Program Lead, Healthcare Excellence Canada
    Dorothy Tscheng, ISMP Canada
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  • Ireland
    Ciara Kirke, Clinical Lead, Medication Safety Improvement Programme, Health Service Executive
    Niamh O’Hanlon & Eileen Relihan, Irish Medication Safety Network
  • New-Zealand
    Michael Tatley, Director,New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre
  • Norwegian
    Sigurd Hortemo, Senior Medical Consultant, Medical Information, Norwegian Medicines Agency
  • Singapore
    Augustine Tee, National Medication Safety Committee
  • Saudi Arabia
    Dr. Hind Al Modaimegh, Saudi Medication Safety Center
  • France
    Étienne Schmitt & Marie-France Gonzalvez, Prescrire Editorial staff members, Prescrire Programme Éviter l’Évitable (Preventing the Preventable)
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  • Spain
    Maria Jose Otéro Lopez, President ISMP-España
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  • Netherlands
    Rob Essink, pharmacist, ivm Voorkomen Medicatie-Incidenten (VMI)
  • USA
    Joe Wyeth, Associate Director for Postmarket Assessment, Acting Director, Division of Mitigation and Medication Error Surveillance (DMAMES), Office of Medication Error Prevention and Risk Management (OMEPRM), US Food & Drug Administration
    Michael Cohen, ISMP President

Presentations November 8, 2021

  • UK research project on Ready-to-Administer IVP Medicines
    John Hertig - Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Pharmacy Practice, Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Indianapolis, USA
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  • Medication Safety perspective from ISoP
    Dr. Brian Edwards, Chair of the Medication Errors SIG, International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP)
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  • The new German Action Plan on Medication Safety 2021-2024
    Birgit Vogt, Drug Commission of the German Medical Association
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  • Tackling the Unsafe Use of Automated Dispensing Cabinets: Common Challenges and Practical Solutions
    Anas Hamad, Head of the Medication Safety & Quality Center, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
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  • ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellowship
    Sunny Ro, ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow
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Presentations November 9, 2021

  • Update on the IMSN Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Interest Group
    Christina Michalek, ISMP, Chair of the IMSN Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Interest Group
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  • Medication Safety Efforts and Challenges: Portuguese Example
    Paulo Almeida & Catarina Luz Oliveira, Associação Portuguesa de Farmacêuticos Hospitalares (APFH)
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  • Pharmacovigilance of covid 19 vaccines: opportunity for collaborations
    Ghita Benabdallah, Morocco Pharmacovigilance & Poison Centre (CAPM), WHO CC for Strengthening PV practices
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Updated on December 3, 2021