2023 IMSN Annual Meeting, Philadelphia

ECRI-ISMP headquarters, Philadelphia (United States), October 23 and 24, 2023

The 18th Annual IMSN Meeting on October 23 and 24, 2023 in Philadelphia (United States), was hosted by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices at the ECRI-ISMP headquarters building.

  • Agenda of the 18th IMSN Annual Meeting
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Sessions chaired by Michael Cohen on October 23 and by Étienne Schmitt on October 24, 2023

Advancing medication safety worldwide

  • WHO Initiatives in Medication Safety
    Neelam Dhingra, Head of WHO Patient Safety Flagship, World Health Organization (WHO)
  • IMSN Global Recommendations:
    Global Implementation of Safe Oxytocin Use Practices

    Rita K. Jew, ISMP President, Chair, Oxytocin Special Interest Group
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    IMSN 2023 SIG Project: Safe Use of Neuromuscular Blockers
    Christina Michalek, ISMP
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  • Drug Safety: putting patients first in pharmacovigilance
    Dr Angela Caro-Rojas, President, International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP)
    Dr Brian Edwards, Vice President, ISoP
    Co-Chairs of the ISoP Medication Errors SIG
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  • Minimizing the risk of medication errors: perspectives by EMA, FDA, HC, and UMC
    Facilitator: Jo Wyeth, Associate Director for Postmarket Assessment, US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
    Sally Pepper, Patient Safety Specialist, Patient Safety Section, Marketed Health Products Directorate, Health Canada
    Alem Zekarias, Senior Pharmacovigilance Scientist, Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC)
    Alexios Skarlatos, Head of Labeling, Human Medicines Division, European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Presentations by IMSN members on update and sharing

  • Overview of Irish Medication Safety Network Activity 2023
    Peter Duddy, Irish Medication Safety Network (IMSN) Executive member
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  • ISMP Canada Update
    Michael Hamilton, Medical Director, ISMP Canada
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  • The German Action Plan on Medication Safety
    Birgit Vogt, Medication Safety Officer, German Medical Association Drug Commission
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  • Switzerland - Cracking the medDRA Code: Unveiling Medication Errors Hidden in a Spontaneous Reporting Database
    Irene Scholz, Senior Vigilance Assessor, Swissmedic
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  • Hong Kong - Safety update with high dose rosuvastatin
    Brian Ching, Pharmacist, Chief Pharmacist’s Office, Hospital Authority
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  • France - Prevention measures taken by medicines agencies: are they effective?
    Étienne Schmitt, Prescrire Editorial staff member
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  • Canada - Medication Safety in Long Term Care
    Michael Hamilton, Medical Director, ISMP Canada
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  • Ireland - Person-centred medicines review in general practice: iSIMPATHY Project
    Ciara Kirke, Clinical Lead, Medication Safety Improvement Programme, Health Service Executive
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  • France - 4 year review of a pharmacovigilance specific committee
    Marie-Blanche Valnet Rabier, French Network of Pharmacovigilance Centers
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  • Singapore’s journey in enhancing safe use of automated medication management systems
    Benny Kaihui Li, Head of Pharmacy, National Skin Centre, Chair of the National Automated Medication Management Systems Taskforce (NAMMST), Singapore
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  • UAE - Life Cycle of a Medication Event
    Rabih Dabliz, Senior Manager, Quality & Medication Safety Services, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
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    See also video on safety culture...
  • Spain - Updated recommendations for the safe use of high-alert medications
    Maria Jose Otéro Lopez, President ISMP-Spain
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  • Saudi Arabia – Updates from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority
    Abdulaziz S. Al Draihm, Director of Medication Errors Department
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    Enhancing Medication Safety: Insights into Medication Errors Reporting and Handling by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority
    Ghadeer M. Banasser, Alert and Monitoring Expert, Medication Errors Department, Saudi Food & Drug Authority (Saudi FDA)
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  • Colombia - Medication Safety Use in Colombia: the view of the ACQFH
    Ismael Basto & Claudia L. Pulido, ACQFH (Colombian Society of Hospital Pharmacists)
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  • Behavioral and Educational Strategies for Avoiding Falsified Medicine Exposure (BE SAFE) Initiative
    Lubna Merchant, Lead, Risk Management Center of Excellence (RMCoE), Pfizer
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Warm thanks to Michael Cohen, Rita Jew and the whole team of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices for their hosting and the organization!

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