Practicum in Medication Safety for International Practitioners

ismpc_logoISMP Canada is pleased to offer a Practicum in Medication Safety for International Practitioners. This program will be of interest to practicing nurses, pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare providers involved in medication management activities who are interested in further study of medication safety theory and practical applications.

Safe Medication practices are a concern for healthcare providers and institutions worldwide. ISMP Canada feels it is important that practitioners anywhere in the world with an interest in this field have study opportunities available to them.

In order to derive the full benefit from this Practicum, applicants must be reasonably fluent in English speaking, reading and writing.

Program Overview:
Program participants will spend 4 weeks at ISMP Canada's office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will work directly with the Institute's safety experts. There will be one-on-one mentorship along with the opportunity to work on real world safety projects with ISMP Canada's interdisciplinary team of pharmacists, nurses and physicians. The program will enhance and expand current levels of understanding of medication safety principles, from both the theoretical and practical perspective.

Key Benefits of the Program:
Practitioners will work as part of ISMP Canada's interdisciplinary team, participating in incident analysis, solution development and knowledge transfer activities.
On completion of the program, participants will have:

  • Enhanced their understanding of key medication safety principles and practices , including the application of human factors engineering principles in medication incident analysis and solution development
  • Developed skills in incident analysis and prospective risk assessment
  • Participated in the development of presentations, safety bulletins and newsletters for healthcare providers and consumers
  • Contributed subject matter expertise to current ISMP Canada projects

During the program, opportunity will be provided to work with ISMP Canada team members on strategies to enhance medication safety practices in their home setting.

ISMP Canada will work to tailor the program to fit the participant's highest areas of interest and concern.

Contact ISMP Canada for fee details. Note that travel, lodging, meals and visa are the responsibility of the participant.

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