Basic Medication Safety (BMS) Course

PrintThe Basic Medication Safety (BMS) Course developed in 2008 by the Saudi Medication Safety Center (SMSC) is designed for any healthcare provider involved in the medication use process - e.g., physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, respiratory therapists, etc.
Certification is valid for a period of two years, after which time it must be renewed.
The Course curriculum is revised every two (2) years.

The learning objectives of the BMS course are to:
  • identify Human Factors associated with medication errors
  • explain the concept of a Just Culture
  • review definitions related to medication safety
  • discuss the impact of latent failures on medication safety

The Basic Medication Safety (BMS) Course Agenda                                      Download
2018 PowerPoint Lectures

  • Introduction to the Basic Medication Safety (BMS) Course                     Download
  • Overview of Medication Errors                                                                     Download
  • Look-Alike & Sound-Alike Medications & Error-Prone Abbreviations    Download
  • Allergy Status - Identification and Documentation                                   Download
  • High Alert Medications                                                                                  Download
  • Safeguards to Prevent Medication Errors                                                  Download
  • Medication Error & Near Miss Reporting                                                   Download
  • Clinical Pearls & Take Home Messages                                                      Download