How to join IMSN

Conditions for admission to IMSN membership

Membership of the International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) implies that a safe medication practices centre fulfils following requirements:

  • to provide evidence of expertise, commitment, and interest in medication error prevention, research and prevention; maintain fully operational a database or otherwise track submitted reports of medication errors; provide content expertise to assure analysis of error reports, communicate medication safety information and provide risk reduction and prevention activities for the healthcare community and patients;
  • to accept fully and unreservedly the Articles of the Network, in particular Articles 1 and 2, and its Rules;
  • to have procedures and organisation that will, in the opinion of the Committee or the Network in General Meeting, ensure their independence and the quality of their content as defined in Article 2 above;
  • to testify that their bulletins or publications contain no advertising relating to therapeutic or diagnostic activities;
  • to allow the quality of their organisation and the independence of their editorial system to be periodically assessed by the Network as necessary.
  • to inform the Committee of any changes in structure, working, financing or organisation likely to modify their independence or their quality;
  • to pay the annual membership fee.

How to apply to become a full member or Associated members

IMSN has two categories of members: full members who meet all membership requirements as set out in the Constitution; and associate members.

Associate Member of the Network are institutions or individuals sympathetic to the purposes of the Network, but not qualified to be members, accepted at the absolute discretion of the Committee on payment of the relevant membership fee.They have all the rights and obligations of members except those of voting and of standing for office and use of the Network’s logo.

Applications for admission shall be submitted in writing to the Committee. The Committee examines applications for admission, checks that the applicant fulfils the requirements and makes a decision to grant or refuse membership. The Committee may request further information to assist it in making its decision.

Membership fee

All members and associate members are required to pay an annual membership fee according to the World Bank classification of economic income countries (high income: 1,500 US$, upper middle income: 750 US$, lower middle income: 300 US$, low income: no fee). A member joining part way through a year will be asked to pay an apportioned part of that year's fee. Financial constraints are not a bar to membership of IMSN. Members who cannot afford to pay can apply for exemption.