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The International Medication Safety Network (IMSN) is an international network of safe medication practice centres established with the aim of improving patient safety.
This is achieved by operating medication error reporting programmes and producing guidance to minimise preventable harms from medicine use in practice. IMSN promotes safer medication practice to improve patient safety internationally. About IMSN

Ninth Annual Meeting of International Medication Safety Network

The 9th annual meeting of the International Medication Safety Network will be held on October 20 & 21, 2014 in Singapore, following the 24th Singapore Pharmacy Congress. As announced in the 10 October 2013 Paris declaration, IMSN will further discuss the issue of unsafe labelling of medicines, and look-alike and sound-alike medications in Singapore.

During the International Medication Safety Network meeting, representatives from over 20 countries gave their support for a proposal that regulators and other stakeholders join IMSN at a summit in 2014 to address the global threat to patient safety caused by unsafe medicine naming, labeling and packaging.

IMSN 2013 Paris Press Release (PDF)