17th Annual IMSN Meeting – November 14-15, 2022

The IMSN annual meeting was held virtual thanks to the logistics of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) and Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI), our virtual hosts.

Agenda of the 17th IMSN Annual Meeting (Time indicated in Eastern standard time)
Final agenda

Sessions chaired by
Michael Cohen, IMSN Chair, ISMP President Emeritus on November 14
Étienne Schmitt, IMSN Executive Committee member, Prescrire on November 15

  • Welcome by Michael Cohen, IMSN Chair

Presentations November 14, 2022

  • Safe Use of Oxytocin Project Update
    Rita K. Jew, ISMP President, Chair, Oxytocin Special Interest Group
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  • Importance of high quality data - Supporting dose capture
    Alem Zekarias, Pharmacovigilance Scientist, Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC)
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  • ADRs related to drug shortages: studies on the French National Pharmacovigilance Database
    Aurélie Grandvuillemin, Dijon Pharmacovigilance Center,
    Marie-Blanche Valnet Rabier, French Network of Pharmacovigilance Center
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Presentations November 15, 2022

  • Moving the needle on medication safety – WHO action
    Dr Neelam DHINGRA, Unit Head, WHO Patient Safety Flagship, World Health Organization
  • What are ISOP doing and what are we going to do about medication errors?
    Dr Brian Edwards, Co-Chair of Medication Errors SIG and Vice President ISOP
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  • Pharmacy Compounding Safety
    Melissa Sheldrick, Patient&Family Advisor,
    Sylvia Hyland, VP Operations and Privacy Officer, ISMP Canada
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  • Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA):
    An Overview

    Ghadeer M. Banasser, Alert and Monitoring Expert, Medication Errors Department, Saudi Food&Drug Authority
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Updates from IMSN members by order of presentation

  • Hong Kong
    Initiatives on Warfarin safety
    Grace Chan, Hong Kong Hospital Authority (SAR)
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  • New Zealand
    Medication Error in New Zealand – an uncertain future in Pharmacovigilance
    Michael Tatley, Director, New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre
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  • Germany
    German Action Plan on Medication Safety 2021-2024 –Update 2022
    Birgit Vogt, Medication Therapy Safety Officer, Drug Commission of the German Medical Association
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  • Canada
    Sally Pepper, Patient Safety Specialist, Patient Safety Section, Health Canada
    Ioana Popescu, Director, Healthcare Excellence Canada
    Kathy Kovacs-Burns, Patients for Patient Safety Canada
    Carolyn Hoffman, CEO, ISMP Canada
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  • ISMP-Spain
    Maria Jose Otéro Lopez, President ISMP-Spain
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  • Oman
    Sara Albalushi, Director of Pharmaceutical Care Department, Oman Ministry of Health
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  • Switzerland
    Thomas Stammschulte & Irene Scholz, Pharmacovigilance Unit, Swissmedic
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  • Morocco
    Ghita Benabdallah, Morocco Poison Control and Pharmacovigilance Centre (CAPM)
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  • Ireland
    Ciara Kirke, Clinical Lead, Medication Safety Improvement Programme, Health Service Executive
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  • NHS England - Medicines Safety
    Tony Jamieson, Patient Safety Specialist & Clinical Improvement Lead, Medicines Safety Improvement Programme , NHS England
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  • France
    Étienne Schmitt & Marie-France Gonzalvez, Prescrire Editorial staff members, Prescrire Programme Éviter l’Évitable (Preventing the Preventable)
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  • China
    Recent progress in pharmacovigilance in healthcare facilities
    Liu Fang, Senior pharmacist, Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing
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  • Norway
    Sigurd Hortemo, Senior Medical Consultant, Medical Information, Norwegian Medicines Agency
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  • USA
    Joe Wyeth, Associate Director for Postmarket Assessment, Office of Medication Error Prevention and Risk Management, US FDA
    Rita K. Jew, ISMP President
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  • Argentina
    Normative, challenge, perspectives
    Pamela Bertoldo, Asociacion Argentina de Farmaceuticos de Hospital
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  • Netherlands
    Medication incidents & Medication errors: the situation in the Netherlands
    Thijs Ambagts, pharmacist, ivm Voorkomen Medicatie-Incidenten (VMI)
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  • Saudi Arabia
    Medication Safety Self Assessment® for perioperative settings
    Dr. Hind Al Modaimegh, Saudi Medication Safety Center
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  • Portugal
    Silvia Mira, Portuguese Association of Hospital Pharmacists (APFH)
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  • Denmark
    Gitte Claris Christensen, Pharmacist, Danish Patient Safety Authority
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  • Brasil
    Mario Borges Rosa, President ISMP Brasil
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  • Australia
    Medication Safety initiatives in Australia
    Diana Shipp, Helen Dowling, Racha Dabliz, ehealth and Medication Safety team, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare
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Updated on December 15, 2022