IMSN membership benefit and privileges

In addition to the own IMSN members' websites, the IMSN website is primarily intended to make the prevention of medication errors visible at the global level. But it is much more than that: its server, hosted by one of its members, ISMP Canada, supports many other services for IMSN members.

Voicing internationally on medication safety, the IMSN website provides access to medication safety information, being able to identify trends at national and international levels, and further to improve learning. At everyone's disposal, there are a lot of relevant resources on medication safety practices and medication error prevention:

  • immediate access to IMSN's positions makes it possible to draw inspiration from its positions and responses to public consultations and to relay ISMN's public advocacy;
  • feedback from meetings organised by IMSN and its members;
  • the consolidation of summaries of current issues of its members' newsletters provides a unique perspective and ongoing monitoring of the prevention of medication errors;
  • initiatives of IMSN members are promoted, such as meetings, training or evaluation activities;

Among the privileged accesses specially offered to IMSN members:

  • free attendance to IMSN meetings and satellite congresses where is held;
  • networking with others, in a forum for discussing potential and recognised safety issues, exchanges on ongoing problems, in particular incidents under analysis or in the search for solutions or the development of global action;
  • preparing official guidance on medication safety, position statements on medication safety;
  • participate to official liaisons with international and governmental bodies on medication safety , such as WHO (patient safety, pharmacovigilance, international nonproprietary names programmes), Medicines agencies and the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), international organisations (FIP, ISOP, etc.);
  • members from pharmacovigilance centres would be able to share their knowledge and learning from their activities. In addition, they have opportunities to develop or improve their skills in medication error analysis and benefit from training coupled with the annual IMSN meetings;
  • those who are more particularly involved in regulation can contribute to IMSN's initiatives concerning naming, packaging and labelling of medicines:

While each ISMN member contributes by its own means to the network's vigour, membership fees are mainly used to ensure this international organization’s proper functioning, particularly in terms of of management, administration, communication and influence, making it possible to send representatives to meetings at an international level. Membership fees are adjusted according to the economic situation of the countries of origin of each IMSN member.